Principal: Marie Horowitz

Assistant Principal: Michele Copeland

Assistant Principal: Kelvin Roopchand

2701 Crompond Road

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Phone: 914-243-8100 Fax: 914-243-0016

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Please Note: In the event of a 2-hour delayed school opening, the hot entrée of the day will be the meal offered on the monthly menu unless stated differently on the Food Service Webpage. In the event of a 3-hour delayed school opening, no lunch will be served.

High Honor Roll = 92.50 - 100.00

Honor Roll = 89.50 - 92.499

Important Information

Strang Eagles Message to Parents and Guardians - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2023

Grade 6 Parents & Guardians only - Accelerated Math 7 Placement Policy - 24/25

Grade 7 Parents and Guardians only -  High School Biology Letter - 2024/25

ORDER YOUR  PERSONALIZED YEARBOOK - $40 until January 26, 2024 

DECEMBER 2023 Candid Yearbook Photos  - use this link to upload candid photos that may be used in the yearbook